Florida is home to a vibrant array of unique animal species. The Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center advocates and educates the public about the importance of conservation efforts so we can all continue to coexist with the creatures who share our world. A trip to their center will give you the opportunity to get up close with exotic creatures such as alligators, tortoises, and marine wildlife. The center is just a straight-shot 20-minute walk or brief drive from Shoreline Island Resort


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Explore the Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center

The Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center provides the unique opportunity to get close to over 250 exotic animals, such as lizards, turtles, marine life, and, as the name suggests, alligators! Animals make their way to the center through wildlife rescues, SPCA Global Animal Rescue, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and from owners who surrendered their pets they can no longer take care of.

Why Conservation Efforts Are Important

The Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center is always looking for ways to expand conservation initiatives and awareness through its programs and informational literature. Below are some of the most significant threats to wildlife they address in their advocacy:

  • Global climate change and human activity have negatively impacted the habitats of these majestic creatures. 
  • Endangered species face the possibility of extinction due to falling populations and environmental stress. 
  • Global climate change is causing dangerous weather changes to the Florida landscape, threatening the local wildlife. For example, changes in rainfall could cause significant seasonal changes and moisture levels that impact the needs of several wildlife and plant species.
  • Poaching and unregulated hunting are major concerns for wildlife conservation. 
  • Pollution is a major threat to the creatures who share our world. When humans pollute their environment, it can cause wildlife to ingest toxic chemicals. 
  • The largest threat to wildlife is human indifference to conservation efforts. Most of the issues these creatures face can be prevented with conservation efforts from humans. 

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