Something nearly everyone looks forward to when they stay at our Madeira Beach hotel is experiencing Florida wildlife. Our state’s natural habitats provide homes for an eclectic and diverse section of the animal kingdom. Get to know one of the most popular mammals native to the area when you visit Shoreline Island Resort by booking a Florida dolphin tour. Witness these spectacular creatures from aboard a boat and make memories to last a lifetime. 

What to Expect from Your Florida Dolphin Tour

Regardless of which agency you book through, you can expect to learn about Florida’s diverse ecosystem, observe dolphins in their natural habitat, and spend a relaxing few hours aboard a comfortable ship. Other creatures you might encounter include egrets, eagles, pelicans, manatees, and so much more! Enjoy a day out at sea with a cold beverage in hand while relishing the beautiful weather and wildlife sightings. 

Dolphin Quest

Say hello to some friendly bottlenose dolphins when you book a tour with Dolphin Quest. Only a mile away from our Gulf Island resort, you can embark on a memorable wildlife cruise. Spend a few hours hanging out with Florida’s coastal creatures. Settle into this idyllic, seafaring scene:  pelicans and eagles gliding overhead, manatees munching on nearby vegetation, the warm Florida sun on your shoulders, and a light salt breeze in your face. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Dolphin Watching Tour Johns Pass

Choose from a variety of ecotour options at Dolphin Watching Tour Johns Pass. They guarantee dolphin sightings on their cruises, and if you don’t, you can hop on another cruise for free! In addition to tours, they also offer snorkeling services, so you might get up close and personal with Flipper. 

St. Pete Beach Dolphin Snorkeling Cruise

While it may seem a little out of the way, spending the day at St. Pete Beach Dolphin Snorkeling Cruise will be well worth it. You’ll have a front-row seat to bottlenose dolphin shenanigans as they flip their fins, squeak out greetings, and leap about the hull. If you’d rather be a part of the action, check out their selection of snorkeling cruises  

Get the Full Florida Experience at Our Island Beach Resort

Experience the Sun State to the fullest when you stay at Shoreline Island Resort. You’re sure to fall in love with our soft-sand beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and coastal wildlife. Please call us at 1-800-635-8373 if you have additional questions about nearby dolphin tours. Our resourceful staff will point you in the right direction.