While you’re luxuriating at Shoreline Island Resort, you may want to consider shaking things up with a little adventure and take some time to explore Alligator Attraction. It’s only a short, five-minute drive from our Madeira Beach resort, so don’t have to fret about long car rides while you’re on vacation. Are you ready to get up close and personal with a live alligator

History of Alligator Attraction

The state of Florida is chock-full of exciting and unique wildlife. In 2011, the Alligator Attraction made humane and professional care for surrendered pets and orphaned native wildlife their mission. While alligators are the main attraction, they also take care of over 180 animals, such as pigs, lizards, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, skunks, fish, and even sloths! Alligator Attraction also offers several educational programs that keep people informed on local wildlife.

Alligator Attraction Activities

If you’ve ever wanted to kiss a gator, now’s your time to shine! Alligator Attraction’s Hands-On Adventures create memorable photo opportunities in a safe and controlled environment. Or, you can slow things down a bit with a Sloth Encounter, (and no, we don’t mean from The Goonies). Learn about how to care for sloths, touch their soft fur, and take pictures to mark your first-time sloth acquaintanceship. A portion of the Sloth Encounter proceeds gets donated to the conservation and preservation of sloths in Costa Rica. In fact, a percentage of the funds for Alligator Attractions go towards wildlife conservation, so you’ll leave having contributed to a great cause. 

Still Looking for Things to Do in Madeira Beach, Florida? 

If you’re still looking for things to do (besides kissing a gator and petting a sloth, of course) at our adult-only hotel in Madeira Beach, you can look at our blog to see local scene suggestions. No worries if you’re not feeling an adventure. Sometimes, living your best, beachside life in Madeira Beach is just what you need for the day… or week. For more information on nearby attractions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.